Conference papers by Gawthrop in 1989

[1] P. J. Gawthrop. Symbolic generation of robot simulations. In D. J. Murray-Smith, J. Stephenson, and R. N. Zobel, editors, Proceedings of the 3rd European Simulation Congress, Edinburgh, U.K., pages 582--587, 1989. [ bib ]
[2] P. J. Gawthrop, H. Mirab, and X. Li. Robot model validation. In Inst. Measurement and Control 2nd Symposium on Model Validation, London, May 1989. [ bib ]
[3] P. J Gawthrop and D. Vines. The robustness of simple policy rules compared with optimal policy rules: an example. In IFAC Symposium: Dynamic Modelling and Control of National Economies, pages 789--794, 1989. [ bib ]
[4] H. Mirab and P. J. Gawthrop. Transputers for robot control. In Second International Transputer Conference, Antwerp. B.I.R.A., 1989. [ bib ]

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