Conference papers by Gawthrop in 1990

[1] P. J. Gawthrop and L. Smith. An environment for specification, design, operation, maintenance, and revision of manufacturing control systems. In Proceedings of UKIT90, pages 104--110, 1990. [ bib ]
[2] K. J. Hunt and P. J. Gawthrop. Adaptation and robustness. In K. Warwick, M. Karny, and A. Halouskova, editors, Proceedings UK-Czechoslovak seminar on Adaptive Control, Prague, Czechoslovakia, volume 158 of LNCIS. Springer-Verlag: Berlin, 1990. [ bib ]
[3] G. R. Worship, A. J. Asbury, P. J. Gawthrop, and W. M. Gray. Feedback control of multi-drug anaesthesia using quantitative and qualitative measurement. In Proceedings of IEEE/EMBS. Philadelphia, U.S.A., pages 472--473, 1990. [ bib | .pdf ]

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