Journal papers by Gawthrop in 1996

[1] P. J. Gawthrop, R. W. Jones, and D. G. Sbarbaro. Emulator-based control and internal model control: Complementary approaches to robust control design. Automatica, 32(8):1223--1227, August 1996. [ bib | http | .pdf ]
[2] P. J. Gawthrop and J. W. Ponton. Improved control using dynamic process models. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 74(A1):63--69, Jan 1996. [ bib ]
[3] D. Sbarbaro, K. J. Hunt, and P. J. Gawthrop. Designing nonlinear controllers using connectionist networks. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 40:657--663, 1996. [ bib | .pdf ]

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