Journal papers by Gawthrop in 1998

[1] Peter J. Gawthrop. Physical interpretation of inverse dynamics using bond graphs. The Bond Graph Digest, 2(1):23pp, January 1998. [ bib ]
[2] P.J. Gawthrop, H. Demircioglu, and I.I. Siller-Alcala. Multivariable continuous-time generalised predictive control: a state-space approach to linear and nonlinear systems. Control Theory and Applications, IEE Proceedings -, 145(3):241 --250, may 1998. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[3] T. A. Johansen, K. J. Hunt, P. J. Gawthrop, and H. Fritz. Off-equilibrium linearisation and design of gain scheduled control with application to vehicle speed control. Control Engineering Practice, 6(2):167--180, 1998. [ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]

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