Journal papers by Gawthrop in 2021

[1] Peter Cudmore, Michael Pan, Peter J. Gawthrop, and Edmund J. Crampin. Analysing and simulating energy-based models in biology using BondGraphTools. The European Physical Journal E, 44(12):148, Dec 2021. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[2] P. J. Gawthrop. Energy-based modeling of the feedback control of biomolecular systems with cyclic flow modulation. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, 20(2):183--192, April 2021. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[3] Peter J. Gawthrop, Michael Pan, and Edmund J. Crampin. Modular dynamic biomolecular modelling with bond graphs: the unification of stoichiometry, thermodynamics, kinetics and data. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 18(181):20210478, 2021. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[4] Michael Pan, Peter J. Gawthrop, Joseph Cursons, and Edmund J. Crampin. Modular assembly of dynamic models in systems biology. PLOS Computational Biology, 17(10):e1009513, Oct 2021. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]

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