All publications by Gawthrop in 1983

[1] P. J. Gawthrop. Self-tuning multi-loop process control: an outline. In Proceedings of the 4th Polish-English seminar on real-time process control, Jablonna, Poland., 1983. [ bib ]
[2] P. J. Gawthrop. Multi-loop self-tuning control: Two input --- two output systems. Report CE/T/4, University of Sussex, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 1983. [ bib ]
[3] C.G. Proudfoot, P.J. Gawthrop, and O.L.R. Jacobs. Self-tuning pi control of a ph neutralisation process. Control Theory and Applications, IEE Proceedings D, 130(5):267 --272, september 1983. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]

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