All publications by Gawthrop in 2020

[1] Peter J. Gawthrop, Peter Cudmore, and Edmund J. Crampin. Physically-plausible modelling of biomolecular systems: A simplified, energy-based model of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 493:110223, 2020. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[2] Peter Gawthrop, Henrik Gollee, Martin Lakie, and Ian D. Loram. Intermittent control of movement and balance. In Dieter Jaeger and Ranu Jung, editors, Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, pages 1--6. Springer New York, New York, NY, 2020. [ bib | DOI ]
[3] Peter J. Gawthrop and Michael Pan. Network thermodynamical modeling of bioelectrical systems: A bond graph approach. Bioelectricity, 3(1):3--13, Mar 2021. Published Online: 18 Dec 2020. [ bib | DOI | Abstract ]
[4] Michael Pan, Peter J. Gawthrop, Joseph Cursons, Kenneth Tran, and Edmund J. Crampin. The cardiac Na+/K+ ATPase: An updated, thermodynamically consistent model. Physiome, 8 2020. [ bib | DOI | http | Abstract ]

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